There are many sites about all kind of card games on the Internet, all but one.
This game is a typical Bavarian card game which is very popular in Munich and the southern German speaking part of Europe.
It is called: "WATTEN".
This site is dedicated to this traditional game for the people outside of the Bavarian borders. I sometimes see tourists from all around Germany and the world curiously watching friends playing it at the pub. They have never seen anything like it and usually are confused about the unknown cards
and the unusual loudness it is played with.

There is almost nothing written about this game. I could only find one small book myself. With the help of this book and the patience, expert knowledge of my dear friend Hobel I built this sites. It contains the rules of how we play the game.

Watten is a card game that you normally learn as a child from your Grandparents or Parents. Otherwise it always seems pretty confusing. I have never met anybody who learned it later from somebody else or by watching it being played.
For me not only making this Web page in German was a challenge but also to trying to translate it into English. I tried to explain it so it also makes sense to somebody who does not speak and think Bavarian.

If you have any questions or comments so I can improve this site I would like to hear from you, so please feel free to mail me.

Well, then let's get started...!!!!l

The History
The Game
The Concepts
The Rules