The fun thing about Watten is that it is not a concentrated and quiet game. On the contrary, hints, exclamations, instructions and other talking are very welcome to insecure the opponent. It contributes very much to the entertainment value of the game and this way also spectators have a lot of fun watching the game.
But once a year, usually on the second weekend of January, friends of mine organize a Watten-Competition where the rules are more strict and it is played in more silence. The following rules are used for this event:

  1. The teams that play against each other are drawn.
  2. The name, number and number of the table you are playing at have to be written on the panel.
  3. Everything has to be written clearly on the panel, in case it needs to be check again later.
  4. Every team writes its own points. Once cards have been pick from the deck no points can be written anymore.
  5. For better control, the line to mark if a team is "tense" is to be drawn next to the points on the panel.
  6. There are 3 games with 3 rounds up to 15 points. After each game the teams that plays against each other are drawn again
  7. Every game is worth following points: A won game (who first reaches 15 points) notes 20 points. Each team can reach a maximum of 3x20 points. Who sets up the most points has won the game.
  8. The players in each team always remain the same. Only the opponents are drawn.
  9. The team, which has drawn the highest number, starts the game.
  10. The rules are very strict. The partner of each team has to wait until the game is announced before he looks at his cards.
  11. In each round the cards can only be picked once.
  12. First there are 3 then 2 cards to be drawn.
  13. After drawing the cards no additional card of the deck is to be looked at. The card deck is to be put face on the table.
  14. If too many cards have been drawn the opponent may write 2 points. A wrong number of cards is to be reported immediately.
  15. If one team over bids the points the opponent may write 2 points.
  16. When punishing there are only additional points to be written. No points get removed.
  17. Being Tense means being challenged at the same time. If you loose the opponent writes 3 points.
  18. Kritische may be used to announce the symbol or color.
  19. If a "Kritische" is played as Haube it cannot be beaten by a lower "Kritische".
  20. If somebody is caught cheating and the teams cannot reach an agreement the whole table will be disqualified. If the cheater admits cheating the opponent team wins the game with 20 points.
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